About The Dennis Prager Fan Club

"Hey Dennis, What happened to Prager Meet-ups"

Veteran's of Dennis' show may recall a feature that existed a number of years ago known as Prager Meet-ups. The premise of this feature was to put Prager fans in contact with one another by providing an email address. 

Despite several attempts, I was never put in touch with any other members; though well-intentioned. It just wasn't something Dennis ever had the time with which to follow up. 

Fast forward a number of years, and I called Dennis and inquired--on the air--as to what ever happened to Prager Meet-ups.  Dennis confirmed that time constraints didn't permit him to follow through with the idea. I reached out at this time because my work situation within a state university system, and the vast majority of people I meet in my area are not libertarian-minded as am I. 

Fast forward a few more years, and in light of a recent Happiness Hour concerning "Kindred Spirits," I decided to start this site for Prager fans to meet and interact online, offering the potential to forge real face-to-face friendships.